Our team prides itself in its aerospace industry reputation, product formulation expertise, and unwavering commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Renegade Materials distinguishes itself by merging cutting-edge materials science with advanced prepreg manufacturing and testing equipment, all meticulously controlled by rigorous quality management systems.

We are steadfast in our commitment to the development and large-scale production of advanced, multi-functional materials that offer engineered solutions to the current composite design, usage, and affordability initiatives in the aerospace industry.

Renegade Materials takes pride in providing both defense and commercial aircraft customers with cost-effective, revolutionary prepreg composite technology solutions. These technologies can enhance system performance and confidence in reliability.

Partnering with Renegade Materials means collaborating with a team committed to delivering reliable, high-quality products. Our company’s focus on flexibility ensures a tailored approach to meeting your unique needs, setting us apart in the industry.

What We Do

Renegade Materials stands as the supplier of non-MDA polyimide prepreg materials tailored for high-temperature service in defense and commercial aircraft structures, as well as propulsion systems. A preferred choice among aerospace manufacturers, our polyimide composite materials serve as a cost-effective and weight-efficient alternative to traditional materials like titanium, Inconel, and heavy insulation blankets.

Beyond our position as the unrivaled global leader in the production of high-temperature composite materials for aerospace applications, we specialize in delivering a diverse line of next-generation prepregs, resins, adhesives, and hybrid composite systems. Our products are designed to maximize fuel efficiency in both commercial and defense aircraft systems. Renowned for our commitment to innovation and excellence, we pave the way for advancements in aviation technology.

Our prepregs are propelled by state-of-the-art resin formulation technology, solidifying our position as the industry’s most trusted commercial source for AFR-PE-4 and various other polyimide systems. Renegade Materials proudly holds the exclusive status of being the sole supplier of prepregs crafted with RM-1100 polyimide, widely utilized in global commercial aircraft applications. This unique combination of cutting-edge materials positions Renegade Materials as an indispensable partner in the advancement of aerospace technology.

About Renegade Materials

Our History

Founded in 2008 as a private company focusing on high temperature polyimide prepreg systems, Renegade Materials Corporation became a wholly owned subsidiary of Teijin Holdings in August 2019. Since then, Renegade Materials corporation has expanded from high temperature polyimides to a diverse line of high-performance aerospace materials including resins, prepregs, adhesives, and hybrid materials.

With the steadfast support of Teijin, our company has more than doubled both production capacity and personnel within the past five years. We take immense pride in collaborating with our customers to develop optimal solutions for their application needs. We look forward to further growth and success with them in the near future.

Our Facilities

Renegade Materials’ production campus comprises two world-class facilities strategically situated south of Dayton in Miamisburg, OH. The first facility, purpose-built in 2007 within one of the Miami Valley’s newest Manufacturing Centers, spans 26,000 sq. ft. This multifaceted building accommodates manufacturing operations, testing laboratories, warehousing for raw materials and finished goods, and office space. Our second facility, inaugurated in 2019 and situated in the same corporate park, expands our footprint with an additional 40,000 sq. ft. designed to offer similar flexibility of use.

Renegade Materials strategically capitalizes on its proximity to government facilities, leading university laboratories, and fellow advanced materials companies, significantly contributing to our dynamic growth and success.

Our Capabilities

Renegade Materials’ state-of-the-art equipment and its flexibility enables efficient manufacturing capability for a diverse range of products, processes and economical batch sizes. Our advanced control systems represent the latest technology, facilitating seamless in-line monitoring and data acquisition throughout our processes. This technological sophistication, coupled with Renegade Materials’ dedication to cleanliness and machine maintenance, results in an unparalleled level of product consistency, setting a benchmark within the industry. As our manufacturing operations have evolved, so too have our testing capabilities. Our modern and well-equipped laboratories are the foundation for quality control, qualification testing, and product development efforts, underscoring our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

Renegade Materials Facility


Dr. Robert Gray


Eric Collins

Chief Executive & Financial Officer

Laura Gray

General Manager & Co-Founder

Kory Abbitt

Director of Business Development & Continual Improvement Leader

Susan Robitaille

Technical Director & Co-Founder
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