Aerospace Prepregs

Renegade Materials offers a full line of prepreg systems including Polyimides, Bismaleimides, Cyanate Esters and Epoxies.  Our focus on building consistent, high-quality product is supported by our investment in state-of-the-art equipment. 

Renegade Materials’ prepreg systems incorporate latest generation raw materials.  We utilize our formulation and processing expertise to develop optimized cure cycles and bagging schemes for various ply thicknesses, part geometries and conditions to assist our customers in successfully processing our products.

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    Polyimide Prepregs

    Renegade Materials: Leading the way in the manufacture and supply of production polyimide materials for high service temperature aerospace applications.

    Founded on the production of polyimide prepregs, Renegade Materials continues to be the top provider of polyimide prepregs for flight hardware.  Our high temperature prepregs and adhesives are based on the latest in polyimide resin technology.  As the largest production supplier of polyimide composite materials in the world, we supply a variety of aerospace grade polyimide materials.  In addition to well-known AFR-PE-4 based prepregs, Renegade Materials is the exclusive supplier of prepregs made with proprietary RM-1100 polyimide resin technology.  For commercial and military engine/aircraft applications requiring the ultimate high temperature polymeric solutions, choose RM-1100 prepregs.  Renegade Materials is also the sole provider of prepregs made with patented MVK-14M FreeForm™, a polyimide prepreg used in global commercial aircraft applications up to 590°F. 

    All polyimides produced by Renegade Materials are MDA free. Contact us to discuss the polyimide that best meets your needs. 


    • Non-MDA Chemistries and Manufacturing Processes
    • Good Tack and Handleability
    • Continuous Service Temperatures up to 750°F
    • Excellent Hot-Wet Properties and Thermal Oxidative Stability (TOS)
    • Autoclave and Compression Molding Options
    • Fabric Prepregs Available up to 60″ wide. Unitape Prepreg Widths available up to 48″ wide.

    Please note that our polyimide product data sheets are not available online due to export restrictions on these types of materials.  Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with information on our polyimide products.

    Product Tg (DMA) Dry Tg (DMA) Wet Thermal Oxidative Stability (TOS) Weight Loss After: 600°F, 150-psia, 125-hrs Product Features Cure Temperature Free-Standing Oven Post Cure Temp
    RM-1100 Polyimide 725°F 568°F <2% Superior Hot-Wet Properties Higher Temp Non-MDA 700°F in an Autoclave Not Required
    AFR-PE-4 Polyimide 700°F 525°F <2% Widely Used Proven Non-MDA 700°F in an Autoclave Not Required
    MVK-14M FreeForm™ Polyimide 590°F 475°F <2% NCAMP Database Non-MDA 600°F in an Autoclave 600°F
    RM-1066 Polyimide 660°F - <2% Low Cost Non-MDA For Non-Structural Applications 350°F in an Oven 700°F

    Bismaleimide (BMI) Prepregs

    Renegade Materials bismaleimide (BMI) prepregs offer flexibility in processing and are qualified at key OEMs.

    Renegade Materials’ Bismaleimide (BMI) prepreg product line includes Autoclave, Out-of-Autoclave (vacuum bag only), and press processable BMIs. Ancillary BMI products includes compatible BMI Film and Paste Adhesives, as well as BMI Infusion Resins for RTM/VaRTM processing. We are proud of the innovative formulating technology utilized to develop our fine product line. Renegade Materials’ high quality, price competitive BMIs are available globally.

    Product Description Features
    RM-3002 BMI Autoclave Cure Prepreg Qualified at Major Jet Engine OEM's Up to 450°F Service 375°F Cure with Multiple Options on Free Standing Post Cure
    RM-3004 BMI Out of Autoclave (OOA) Controlled Flow Prepreg Low Void OOA Processing 350°F or 375°F Cure with Multiple Options on Free Standing Post Cure


    • Next-Generation BMI Formulation Technology
    • Cost-Effective Equivalent to Industry-Standard Products
    • Improved Durability – Compression-After-Impact
    • Superior Hot-Wet Performance
    • Continuous Service Temperature up to 400°F, Excursions to 500°F
    • Excellent Flame, Smoke and Toxicity Performance
    • Successfully passes the FAA 2000°F (Kerosene) Flame Test
    • Autoclave, Compression Molding and Out-of-Autoclave Cure Products Available
    • Available on Carbon, Glass or Quartz Fabrics and Carbon Uni-Weaves

    Low Dielectric Prepregs

    Renegade Materials offers prepreg for low dielectric aerospace applications.

    RM-5003 is a pure cyanate ester prepreg system developed for Shipboard, Aircraft and Missile Radome applications requiring excellent electrical properties.  It is processable using a straight-forward 350°F Cure with Free-Standing Post Cure.

    RM-5001 is designed for use in satellites and optical structures.  It is recognized for its processability, low outgassing and even balance of mechanical and thermal properties.

    Developed as a lower cost option to cyanate esters for the radome market, Renegade Materials offers RM-2014-LDk-TK.  

    RM-2014-LDk-TK is a 300°F cure modified epoxy featuring near cyanate ester dielectric and loss performance without the cost and processing challenges of cyanate ester systems. 

    Renegade Material’s low dielectric prepreg systems offer a unique balance of mechanical properties, low dielectric and loss, moisture resistance and versatile processing options.  Quartz and glass prepregs are manufactured in a carbon-free environment to prevent contamination. 

    Product Cure Temperature Dielectric Performance on Quartz
    RM-5003 350°F Dk < 3.10; Loss < 0.003 @ 10 GHz
    RM-2014-LDk-TK 300°F (Autoclave or Oven Cure) Dk < 3.15; Loss < 0.006 @ 12-18 GHz


    • Low Outgassing
    • Low Dielectric/Loss Constant
    • Excellent Mechanical Properties
    • Good Handleability and Tack

    Epoxy Prepregs

    Product Type Process Temp Features
    RM-2005 Toughened Epoxy for Structural Applications 350°F Cure Toughened Excellent Compression Properties Tg - 365°F Large Database Available
    RM-2002 Standard Epoxy 350°F Cure Good Balance of Properties General Purpose
    RM-2014-LDk-TK Low Dielectric Epoxy 300°F Cure Excellent Electrical Properties Lower Cost Than Cyanate Esters
    RM-2008 Modified Epoxy 250°F Cure Good Balance of Properties General Purpose


    • High-Performance Aircraft Materials for both Primary and Secondary Structure
    • Toughened Prepregs Available
    • 250°F, 300°F and 350°F Cure Systems
    • Low Dielectric Epoxy for Radomes and Antennas
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