Third Frontier RCP Award

| February 1, 2018

Renegade Materials Corporation is pleased to announce that in collaboration with Goodrich Corporation, the University of Dayton Research Institute, Spirit Aerosystems, and Maverick Corporation; it has been awarded $1 million by Ohio Third Frontier for its project, High Temperature Hybrid Composite Materials for Commercial Aerospace Structures. The project will commercialize hybrid lightweight composite materials for aerospace applications with improved damage tolerance, lightning-strike protection, and heat-transfer management, capable of operating at high service temperatures.

The goal of the Ohio Third Frontier Advanced Materials Program is to accelerate the development and growth of the advanced materials industry and its supply chain in Ohio by direct financial support to organizations seeking to commercialize new products; commercialize manufacturing processes or technologies; adapt or modify existing materials or components in order to address issues including cost, size, weight, strength, resistance to the environment, and durability of advanced materials; address technical and commercialization barriers; or demonstrate market readiness.

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